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You dream of having a business that is profitable and stress-free you're so ready to step into it NOW.

It’s time to turn your passions into profits and optimize your soul-aligned service provider business! 

You're so ready to start or grow your business and finally manifest the freedom and income you're dreaming of, but right now you're...

  • Either all over the internet trying to figure it out how to get more clients, hire staff or stop stressing (and praying!) that your business is a success, but your bank account looks barren.

  • Or, you’re trying your best to hustle your way to success, but OMG the burn out is catching up with you! You know that it’s not supposed to feel this hard or complicated, and you’re ready to balance out your life.

  • Scrolling Instagram & Facebook wondering how on earth the successful salon owners do it and that you obsess over created their success (do they know something you don't?)…

  • Wondering if you really have enough experience or qualifications to start a business, or if anyone would be interested in what you have to offer. The fear of pouring your heart and soul out on Instagram and only having your mom like the post is real!

  • Left scratching your head when it comes to setting up your website or creating a brand that actually looks like you. The tech struggle is real. And if you have to watch one more complicated YouTube tutorial again you’ll through your Macbook out of the window!

Creating a fully operational business that is aligned with your vision,attracts your dream clients and is massively Profitable is not a far off dream...


I know you're so ready to step into your most successful abundant life and start owning a profitable business.

I mean, you’re just a beauty professional who wants to be creative making people look great and create massive profit doing it, is that so much to ask? (no, it's not!) 

Visualize this for a minute...

  • Never having to request time off to visit your family or take a vacation again because you get to choose when and where you work!
  • Having a full book of great clients and plenty of money in your bank account.
  • Working with clients that you absolutely love, and the joy it brings when you realize that you’re helping them to look and feel their best . You finally feel like you’re doing work that is rewarding and have freedom!
  • Handing over the tasks that you don’t love to your assistant so that you can focus on the work that really lights you up in your business.
  • Never having to worry about paying the bills again, and even more than that, being able to pick up the bill at brunch or dinner with your friends without a second thought because you know your business is continuing to bring in dreamy amounts of money each month.
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What is Included in our online courses



I’ll teach you everything you need to create a successful business you’re proud of, and break it down into easy to implement bite-size pieces. You’ll know exactly what to do (and what not to do!) — this is a strictly overwhelm-free zone!



You’ll always know exactly what to do, with a wealth of workbooks, templates, how-to guides, and cheat sheets at your fingertips to walk you through everything you need step-by-step to make this your six-figure (plus!) year!! Say goodbye to the guesswork, and welcome in clarity and ease.




For Action Takers


Want your business reviewed? Not sure if your strategies are hitting the mark? Want an expert eye on your offers? I’ve got you. I’ll be hosting regular office hours where you can send me a copy, content, and anything else that you would like my feedback on. This will give you high-level, personalized support that my private clients pay $10K+ to receive.

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